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A PSM is of high value in every high-performance team – our live class or digital course is your first steppingstone into the world of Scrum. Being a PSM is all about discovering new ways to look at team performance and having the courage to implement changes when necessary. A PSM guides his or her team without controlling them or ordering them around. You simply unleash your own and your team members’ potential to get things done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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PSM course

How do you become a PSM with our course?

The PSM course from Seafrog Training & Coaching is a two-day training program that focusses on learning the principles of Scrum and agile working, meaning you receive your level 1-certificate after completion of the live or digital class. The PSM 1 course covers the principles and process theory underlying the Scrum working method while simultaneously providing you with real-life training through exercises and (group) discussions. You get guiding principles to improve structure and discipline while respecting your team members and their environment. In turn, you will see an enhanced focus on result and measurable improvements throughout your KPIs. Thanks to a solid foundation in the PSM 1 course, this training will be the start of a whole new challenge where your role as a leader will be solidified. We have several Scrum classes available for you:

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Are you ready to discover what it means to be a PSM? Our certified instructors guide you through a whole new world of performance-based team management. You can book your online or live PSM 1 training through our website. If you have any questions about the PSM 1 course or would like to know if a digital or live training suits your needs best, make sure to contact us through to receive information about the class!

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