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Become a Scrum Master by following a two-day live class from a certified instructor that guides you through the wondrous world of team management on high-performance achievements. Seafrog Training & Coaching offers a unique opportunity to discover what is at the heart of Scrum while simultaneously improving your own skillset.

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Scrum Master live class

What does a Scrum Master learn in our live class?

Our course is an in-person training that takes you through the principles of Scrum and prepares you for a role as a certified Scrum Master. We guide you into achieving a high level of focus to realise goals while respecting your team and their environment. Thanks to an effective combination of instruction and team-based exercise, you discover guiding principles to facilitate your own team to achieve the highest level of productivity. After completion of the live class, you are a Master that receives an official Scrum certification.

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Would you like to book a live training on becoming a Scrum Master, learning what is at the heart of the agile working movement? Start your journey by booking your course. We are more than happy to put our heads together to discover which kind of live class would fit your needs as a Scrum Master best. If you would like to know more about the possibilities, contact our certified instructors by sending an email to

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