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How does a Scrum certification help to get a higher team performance? The certified instructors from Seafrog Training & Coaching aim to offer you the best guiding principles to optimise team and individual performance. Are you ready to fulfil the role of servant leader to the best of your knowledge? Do you truly believe in team performance and individual excellence? Then Scrum is a simple yet effective framework that will be of great benefit for you and your team!

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How do you get a Scrum certification?

If you want to receive a Scrum certification, one of the first things you need to do is follow a course. The instructors from Seafrog Training & Coaching know the best ways on how to get a Scrum certification that fits your leadership skills. Our two-day workshops cover the principles and (empirical) process that underpin the Scrum framework. From recognising agile working opportunities and implementing them where necessary to analysing challenges and utilising them for your own benefit. We want you to follow the training best suited for your goals. This is why we offer different possibilities to get a Scrum certification through following a PSM course on how to get a high-performance team:

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Learn more on how to achieve measurable improvements and get a high-performance team through implementation of the guiding principles you learned about by achieving your Scrum certification. Would you like to know which course fits best? Make sure to contact our instructors by sending an email to You can also book a course online.